The NJATC was created over 70 years ago and has developed into what perhaps is the largest apprenticeship and training program of its kind.

Apprenticeship has been the preferred method of passing essential skill sets from generation to generation since the beginning of history. Apprenticeships, like society, have changed and evolved along with technology. Today's quality apprenticeship programs bring not only highly recognized industry specific credentials but also college degrees. Modern quality apprenticeship programs are highly structured, highly recognized, and in high demand.

Modern quality apprenticeship has always consisted of two key and equally important elements: On the job training under the watchful eye of a master craftsman; and related classroom instruction performed by skilled, qualified instructors delivering a meaningful curriculum in a nurturing environment.

On the job training provides the apprentice with the skills required to become a master craftsman. The Lima Area Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee places an apprentice in a carefully monitored on the job training assignment with an employer. On the job, the apprentice is teamed with a Journeyman, one who has the skills, knowledge and attitude to impart all critical skill sets. The apprentices scope of work is virtually unlimited, if it involves the practical use and application of electricity, its fair game.

Related classroom training provides a strong foundation in safety, construction theory, electrical theory, codes and systems. This education provides the apprentice with skills and knowledge to have a working understanding of all electrical systems. With the many rapid advances in technology, this course work furnishes a firm footing toward comprehending and mastering the myriad new systems, equipment and apparatus that continues to challenge today's electrician. The curriculum is rigorous and based on a national award winning program developed by our National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.

This joint program between the
National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has clearly demonstrated the most cost effective way to train qualified craft workers.